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B2B and B2C

Businesses nowadays are distinguished on the nature of their order request. For example, if you are an online store and your user and customer is another brand that utilizes your product or services and delivers it to another consumer, your brand is stated as B2B. At the same time, B2C refers to the segment where the service provider offers services to the consumer itself as the end-user. However, B2B and B2C are just fragmentation of businesses.

They both have a significant need for web development to support lead generation and customer acquisition. A website helps a business by offering it an online presence which provides your business with 24 x 7 online visibility to a wider audience globally. Softonic solution is the best and leading B2B and B2C web development company in the USA, providing services in various web development sectors. We are a team of trained and expert professionals working passionately to provide you with the best in class product and a seamless world-class user experience.

Services offered

Services offered

Being the leading and the most trusted e-commerce development company in the USA, Softonic solution provides you with many services for your business help. These services include

  • E-Commerce portal development

    B2B web development, B2c web development.

  • B2B Web Development,

    WordPress Web Design, Responsive Design

  • B2B Branding

    B2B Content Marketing


Advantages of web development in B2B and B2C companies

A Website gives your business an online store that offers 24 x 7 services globally

  • It adds up

    It adds up more credibility to your business

  • Numerous tools

    Numerous tools on a website to improve your services according to your consumer feedback and insights.

  • Websites

    Websites are a modern way of easy and simple advertisement

  • The global

    The global audience brings in more leads and eventually more customers

We are the best development firm

We are the best development firm

Softonic solution is the most trusted and renowned website development company in B2B and B2C business sectors. We offer services like E-Commerce portal development for B2B and b2c businesses to help them clock in more leads with fewer efforts. We are a team of passionate developers who have a strict development cycle to ensure best in class product delivery without compromising the quality and ineffective time.

Being the most trusted B2B and B2C web development company in the USA, we are a team of hard-working, passionate trained and experienced professionals from the industry working closely on your vision to give it a physical presence. Our team works with you from the idea itself and helps you in the overall development process to provide a hassle-free user experience. Softonic solution not only provides website development services, but we also offer a world-class customer experience with excellent product quality and after-sales service and support.

Benefits of having us onboard

Benefits of having us onboard

It is the best in class B2B and B2C web development company in the USA. We offer several benefits to your product development. The exclusive features and benefits offered by Softonic solution as your web developer are:

  • We provide

    We provide a creative and attractive website

  • Customization

    Best-in-class customization We deliver SEO friendly website

  • Latest technology

    Latest technology framework A fast, secure and responsive website