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Softonic Solution is a prominent website development company that has gained recognition for providing the best web development, web application development, and custom-built website services. We use state-of-the-art technologies to deliver long-lasting and effective web solutions.

  • Top-notch front-end
  • An interactive interface with excellent features that helps your business stand out among its competitors.

  • Reliable back-end
  • Our diligent back-end team will always have your back to provide you and your customers the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Control and transparency
  • Full control and transparency of every step of the web development process

  • Full-cycle delivery
  • Efficient handling of the project lifecycle, right from scrap to ready to launch the brand.


Enterprise Solutions

Being a leading enterprise solutions provider, we offer competent enterprise solutions to assist you in taking your business/organization to the next phase of growth. So, if you are looking for such enterprise solutions, then Softonic Solution is the perfect destination.

Our collective services facilitate firms & managers from small businesses to middle size enterprises to perform well in the industry. Our integrated and business software systems ensure that you get bigger visibility altogether of your business departments. In addition, we also offer you all power options that are very simple to use, sturdy, flexible and secure.


Custom Web Development

Our skilled and talented Custom Web Development team that you can count on. With years of experience in web development, our team establishes your brand, automates processes, and can do anything that you can or cannot possibly think. We got your back at every step while we create custom web solutions for you.

  • ⇝ Custom Website Design
  • ⇝ B2B Portal
  • ⇝ Enterprise Web Application Development
  • ⇝ Intranet Applications

E-Commerce Website

No matter whether your business is big or small, we work thoroughly with merchants of all levels for creating a digital bridge between the products and the potential customers. We have a flawless working experience with thousands of e-commerce businesses that have helped us to go way beyond just creating websites. By implementing a specific e-commerce strategy along with some marketing and engagement tactics, we boost your online sales.

  • ⇝ Custom E-Commerce Development
  • ⇝ SaaS-based E-commerce Set up
  • ⇝ Mobile Commerce with Web apps / Native Apps

Content Management System

The success of any website depends on its content. We create useful and engaging content based on your requirements that will effectively portray your website to search engines and will seamlessly communicate the purpose of your website.

  • ⇝ WordPress
  • ⇝ Custom Built CMS
  • ⇝ Drupal
  • ⇝ Joomla

Technologies we use

Using the right technology for different requirements is a real challenge for us. But our professionals tackle it with competency and do the rightful for delivering a top-notch website you expect from us.

Helping Businesses in All Domains

We have gained success and recognization for delivering digital products and platforms for a wide gamut of use cases across essential industries.

social networking




digital content






Food Tech






event & ticket






on demand solution


Our Approach

We have gained success and recognization for delivering digital products and platforms for a wide gamut of use cases across essential industries.


Discover and Estimate






Q & A



1. Discover and Estimate

To get a clear vision of your brand, we precisely analyze your business, products, and services that also help us to provide you an estimate.

  • ⇝ Project Estimation
  • ⇝ Development of technical specifications

2. Design

We create designs by keeping in mind your target audience and represent your brand clearly and efficiently that will bring fruitful results. You can ask for prototypes to get a view of the final product.

  • ⇝ Wireframing
  • ⇝ UI/UX Design

3. Development

Our talented developers work together as a team to transform the designs into working models. This phase of the project requires both front-end as well as back-end development.

  • ⇝ Back-end
  • ⇝ Front-end
  • ⇝ Modern Technologies
  • ⇝ Database

4. QA

Before making a website go live, several audits are being processed to test the functionality, compatibility, and performance of the respective site to ensure that the website is bug-free and functions as expected. The audit is carried at every stage of the process.

  • ⇝ Manual and Automated Testing
  • ⇝ API Testing
  • ⇝ Easily Understandable Reports
  • ⇝ Performance Testing

5. Delivery

We will launch the website once all the tasks like designing, developing, and auditing is done. Our experts will also provide post-deployment and maintenance support.

  • ⇝ Product Launch
  • ⇝ Strategic Plan
  • ⇝ Customer Analytics
  • ⇝ Support

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