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Privacy policy

Privacy policy on a website means how a website use, share, collect, send and keep your personal information.
This document states how Softonic Solution collects, protects, uses, maintains, updates, sends, edits, modifies, and shares your personal information collected when you submit them on our website.
This privacy policy applies to all the users using our website, its products, services, and other available features on our website.

How do we collect your information?

We at Softonic Solution collect your information in multiple ways. Whenever you use our website, register on our website, post for some query or question, fill out forms on our website, subscribe to our newsletter, or interact with any running campaigns or activity.

You provide us with your personal information as in your name, address, mobile number, email address, or any other required field as mentioned in the process or the service you are opting or choosing. This information is collected and saved on our website when you click on the submit or save button only; before that, no data is collected.

These personal identifying details will be retained in our data with your consent, and you can refuse anytime or withdraw your details anytime from our website. You can also refuse to use our services anytime by withdrawing your access.

The information is collected automatically.

Some information automatically gets synced or collected with us, such as the IP address of your device, the browser you are using, type of browser, device type, and technical information. This information is not part of any personal information; this type of information is automatically collected by the device to better know our users.

Website’s use for children.

We at Softonic Solution ensure to protect the personal information of youngsters, as we understand that it is important for the youngsters to maintain their privacy so that they can feel more secure and safe while using any website. This is why we do not collect or save the information of anyone under the age of 13 on any portion of our website, and none of its features, services, and products are not meant to be used by minors. Furthermore, we do not promote, attract, and engage the underaged on our website; if you use our website in any case or for any purposes, this must be done under the guidance of the guardian or parent.

Cookie policy.

Our website uses a cookie policy to track a user's behavior on the website for different purposes. A cookie file is a small data file that a website writes to your hard drive whenever you visit a website to track your time, actions, clicks, pages you visited on any website. A cookie does not collect any personal information on your hard drive or computer but is used to track the user's

behavior. Our website uses a cookie policy to track users’ patterns of our website and personalized features. Whenever you open our website, a pop-up will ask you to accept the deny access to the cookie policy, and You can act accordingly; then, you may not be able to use our website with full features or some portions of our website

How does Softonic Solution protect your information?

We at health care are committed to protecting and securing all your personal information available with us. We adopt appropriate ways to collect your data, store your data. Process your data and secure it. We ensure that your data is protected against any unwanted access, disclosure, sharing, destruction. We also ensure that your personal information like username, passwords, transaction information, and data stored on our website is safe and not shared with anyone in any case. We also protect your information against any fraud or discrepancy.

How do we use your personal information?

We at health care ensure that we provide you with all the details in this document on with whom we share your details-

  • • We do not share, trade, sell or rent your personal information with others in any case.
  • • We might share generic data or demographic information to identify our website visitors and users with our business associates, affiliates, marketing, and advertising agencies.
  • • We also might use your information to operate our administrative activities and our services better
  • • We might share your data with third parties in case of surveys, sending newsletters, and for limited purposes that we pre-informed you while you set up your details to be shared with us.

To whom we share your personal information-

We do not disclose the data we collect with anyone, rather than mentioned in this privacy policy. Also, we share your data for lawful purposes only. we share your data only with-

  • • Our vendors perform services on our behalf with our instructions.
  • • We share it with our dedicated team working to provide you services and also to necessary third parties to legalize your website, marketing, and others.
  • • We may also share your information for the legal process if needed and With government officials if needed.
  • • If we think disclosure is essential to prevent harm, loss, fraud, or illegal activity.
  • • We also take the authority that we do not share, sell, buy or transfer any portion of your data with any other organization or source in any case.

Your rights.

As a user of our website, you may have some rights to protect your personal information and data on our website.

Changes in our privacy policy.

This privacy policy can be changed at any time according to the need of our services, company, and website. However, we shall inform you through notice or email to check the updated policy whenever we update or change our privacy policy.

Contact us.

You can contact us through this email id : info@softonicsolution.com in case of any suggestions.