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Terms and Conditions for Softonic Solution

We at Softonic Solution are indulged in providing our clients with world-class services in the digital world. This is a legally binding agreement that relates our valuable clients with the company.
By accepting these terms and conditions you approve to be bound with the agreement, some of the important parts of the agreement are explained in detail here.

Acceptance of terms of use.

This document of Terms and Conditions states how Softonic Solution works and regulates. We welcome you to the Softonic solution’s website. You, as a user of our website, are subjected to follow these terms and conditions. Please go through these terms and conditions properly before using our website to understand our terms of use. We also reserve the right to edit, modify, change, and update any portion of this website without prior notice.

We must notify you about the updates and changes in our terms and conditions. Please accept and understand the terms and conditions for your convenience.

You must go through our privacy policy to know how we use, collect, share and keep your personal information and data on our website. (Link to the privacy policy).

E-communication from us to you.

Whenever as a user, you use our website or communicate with us through inquiry form, email, or any other communication way. You accept to communicate with us electronically, and you also agree to receive digital communication and notifications from us. We may communicate with you by sending you emails, text messages, or posting notifications on our website to notify you about everything we update, add, or modify on our website and notify you about our offers, discounts, and service add-on. You can unsubscribe from our E-communication in mails and text any time you wish.

Copyright and Intellectual property.

All the content available on the website is protected under international and national copyright laws. All the content, including graphics, text, content, logo, trademarks, videos, Gifs, images, buttons, software, data, and broachers, is the intellectual property of Softonic Solution. Softonic Solution and its related content are protected and published under the intellectual and copyright national and international laws.

No one has the right to copy, share, send, update, compile and alter content on any portion of our website without any prior notice and permission to the rightful heirs of the website. In case of any discrepancy or copy claim, the actions should be taken following national and international copyright laws.

Users rule of conduct-

Users need to follow the rules of conduct while using the website to ensure your easy and smooth use of the website-

  • • You as a user must not use the website in any way that may cause interruption and damage to our website's functioning.
  • • User is responsible for what they are what information has been communicating from your device to our website. You accept and agree to use our website only for lawful purposes and only for legal purposes and applied conditions.
  • • You must not use this website for any fraud and illegal purposes which have connections with any criminal offenses, illegal activities, and unlawful purposes. You must not use, send, reuse, alter any material on our website. Also, you should access any material that is sexually explicit, abusive, harassing, misleading, indecent, defamatory, confidential, disparaging, obscene, physically harmful, hurting someone's privacy, promoting racism and gender inequality.
  • • You as a user must not use our website to harm any third party in any illegal manner.
  • • Your use of our website through any device must not contain any illegal software, viruses, chain letters, spam or mass mailings, or political campaigning that could stop our website's proper functioning.


Each page visible on the website are the trademark of Softonic Solution. The content displayed on these pages is trademarked with the name of Softonic Solution. There is no content available on our website created to confuse or misguide the users on our website. Any other trademarks registered under this name or related to this content are copied and illegal.

Disclaimer and terms of use.

This site Softonic Solutions is provided by Softonic Solution. We at Softonic Solution give on the guarantee and make no representations or warranties of operations on the website, including any information, content, and graphics. It is your responsibility and your sole risk to by the way you use this website.
We reserve the right to withdraw and deny your access to our website in any case of discrepancy without any prior notice to the specific user.

Purpose of this website.

The website is made to provide the clients with different services that include Digital marketing services, Software development, website designing, social media marketing, and website development.

Links to a third-party website

The third-party links on our website are provided for your convenience, favor, and a better understanding of our services and products. These links on our website are not acknowledged and pre-examined by our team or anyone at Softonic Solution. If you access these links from our website, you are only responsible for any further action with your personal information. Ensure

to go through their terms of use and privacy policy to ensure the safe browsing of the links for your better understanding.

License and site access

At Softonic Solution, we limit the access and licenses of this website. We ensure the website cannot be used for any personal activity by any user of the website. We also conserve our downloading access only for important links mentioned on our website.

  • • No one gets any right to modify and edit any page on this website. Any modifications can be done only after taking permission from the team of Softonic Solution.
  • • The data of any portion from our website should not be extracted by data mining, robots, or data gathering tools.
  • • Any portion of the website must not be reused, sold, shared, reproduced, or visited with the purpose of exploitation.
  • • In case of any such discrepancy, your license, and access to the website must be denied and taken away at the same time without any prior notice.

Contact us.

In case of any suggestions, advice, or feedback on these terms and conditions, you can reach us through- email id : info@softonicsolution.com in case of any suggestions.